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Help Education At The Elementary Level.


About Us

X-Ed Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to bring hope and positive change to pupils in the most isolated and vulnerable communities in developing countries. We will achieve this purpose by pursuing a secondary goal, which is to connect highly successful people who want to use their own experiences, resources, and examples to inspire the next generation of underserved primary school students.

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Chemistry professor starts foundation to give back to children in Ghana



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Local Non-Profit Makes a Splash with Summer Fundraiser

October 11, 2022

November 8, 2022

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What our Donors and Beneficiaries are saying

Herman Sintim.jpg

Herman Sintim, Ph.D.

“I truly believe that talent is uniformly distributed across the world, but opportunities to develop that talent are missing. How do we mobilize that? Even if 5% end up higher than they would have been, the economic benefit is going to be huge.”


Emelia Ansu, MS

“I want to help less privileged people to make sure everyone gets the education I got. Seeing kids in the classroom not having desks, not having materials to learn really breaks my heart.”

Daniel Adjekum.jpg

Daniel Adjekum, Ph.D.

“As educators ourselves, we know in terms of pedagogy, teaching kids, it’s not just about what we present to them. Their environment also matters. Once the environment is conducive and comfortable for the kids to learn, we get the best out them.”

Mrs. Florence E. Mawusi.jpg

Mrs. Florence E. Mawusi


Darko Yaw Bentum D/A Basic School

Central Region of Ghana

 “It is the honor of Darko Yaw Bentum community School to show our in-depth appreciation to the Foundation for your kind gesture. Infact, ever since the items were donated to our school, the pupils and teachers have not lack materials for teaching and learning, which help in the smooth running of the school. We say may the good Lord bless you and replace whatever you lost in providing the gifts.

Looking forward to more opportunities like this, especially the exercise books and they have been very useful to us."

On 20th August 2021, X-Ed Foundation donated about 2000 exercise books (10 books for each student) and about 200 mathematics textbooks, covering each student from classes 1 to 6 in this Bentum D/A Basic School.

Mr.  Abudu Munini.png

Mr.  Abudu Munini

Assistant Headteacher

Pipie Basic School

Ashanti Region of Ghana

“The donation of the dual desks by the Foundation has significantly reduced our inadequate seating problems, which caused physical discomfort to students, with increased fidgeting. It may interest you know that some of the pupils were sitting on the floor while writing. With the supplies of these desks, students’ attendance has increased significantly, which I attribute to the comfort provided in the classroom due to the presence of the desks.”

Mr. Theodore A.K. Kpegah.jpg

Mr. Theodore Kpegah


Nkowi R/C Primary School

Ashanti Region of Ghana

“The desks have had positive impact on the learners and the school. Without them the learners wouldn't have writing and seating places to learn. The whole community says thank you for giving back to this deprived basic school. Your example means a lot to the learners.”

On 2nd August 2022, X-Ed Foundation presented a total of 85 dual desks to be  shared among two basic schools, Nkowi and Pipie, which are all located in the Lake Bosemtwe District of Ashanti Region of Ghana.


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For 2023, we have identified a basic school located in the town of Atomfoso-Seikwa, in the Tain District of Brong Ahafo, Ghana. Your donation will help provide school desks, notebooks, and textbooks for this severely deprived community.


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