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  • "X" represents excel i.e 'X-Ed' represents excel in education

  • The shape signifies 'students or pupils joining together"

  • The Colors signifies hope and strength



The symbol depicts two major things


1. The Shape Signifies a book and a student. Which is used to identify that it's a non profit foundation that is centered on pupils/students that seek hope and positive change...


2. And the colors signifies hope, Passion, and energy that drives you to be a successful person..


These colors were derived/gotten from the vision of the X-Ed Foundation.



The font used Clash Display is a San-Serif font. The function of a Clash display font is to add visual interest and personality to a design and brand while also conveying a specific tone or mood. Depending on the style of the font, it can be used to create a range of effects, from playful and whimsical to serious and sophisticated and it's the perfect fit for the *X-ED FOUNDATION BRAND*

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